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MAKE IT EASY...plan on coming by!

You may want to glance at my Alameda real estate blog... The Second Story  I've taken a bunch of webinars since the beginning of 2018. I think it's averaged 3 per week. Here's a sampling: - Tax webinars  (at least 2 of those) because I need to know how the tax reform laws affect me, and what I need to tell my clients in generic terms: they must see their accountant, I'm not qualified. And I actually attended a tax seminar in person...4 hours! And I bought the CD's as well. These are the folks that try to figure out how the real estate professionals can take advantage of the 'tax benefits.' The woman who lead this was terrific and had been doing it for years. I used to subscribe to their service over 10 years ago. Now.... I'm back! - Financing for Rehab Homes Webinar  (this instructor may come in person if I can arrange a class for this subject). I listened to it 3 times in 2 days! It was really good! - Instagram webinar (who cares how many