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"Is there anything else...

...I can help you with?" Those who work in call centers and who continually answer the same questions over and over again and again must have the patience of Job, the prophet; not the computer guy, whose last name is Jobs.  I'm constantly apologizing for my ignorance, looking through my online papers to verify what I'm trying to do. I'm going through stacks of documents that get delivered to me via snail mail. I have questions and I think they have some answers. The title of this blog post kind of opens the door, for me, to say, "Yes, please." I think that is an uncommon answer. So it takes the person by surprise. Here's what happened last Tuesday: 3-20-18  12:20pm spoke with Clemie (short for Clementine) and she confirmed she canceled my auto pay. #S-246-----.  She asked me if there is anything more I can help you with? These days...I have a standard response. "Will you have lunch with me?" That's right. I don't know whe