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I was reading an article last week about a college student who signed up for a class she thought she might do ok in. Turns out it was far beyond what she anticipated. Hey, I've been there before! What was it way back when? It took a few moments, and there I was: a senior in high school, in Mr. Taylor's chemistry class. It was my senior year. Lots going on. President of the Pep Squad. Cheerleading. Painting posters for all of the teams. No, not just for the football and basketball teams, but for the swim team, the water polo team, the track team, the cross country team. I'm not sure that we cheered for the wrestling team but I think we did...a team was a team and we were team of cheerleaders and song-girls. This was the first year anybody had cheered for all of the 'other' teams..and they sure did appreciate it. It was magical. We felt sky-high, because we were doing the right thing. Every 'body' counted: good or not-so-good. I know it made a differ