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Quality-Control-Culture - And you only cry once.

What's it like to really love your job? What does loving your job mean? What if you have 100's of folks working for you? How do you control them? What if you are the sole operator, in charge of everything? How do you control yourself? This is about the mega companies to the one-person shops. - Dyson ...I recently called them because my vacuum was making a very loud squealing noise when I took the hose off the vacuum handle to suck up some paper bits. Good news is that they have a repair stop nearby...about 25 minutes away. But the call did the trick. BTW...I've had the vacuum for at least 5 years. Nobody asked me about that...they were there to solve the issue. The woman spoke English. I was attempting to describe what was happening, in some form of stupid English. She figured it out in short order. Obviously, she was reading from a manual with the 'what ifs' scenarios. She was calm, clear, and made me feel like a hero, rather than an idiot. I needed to