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Change is in the air...

I was emailing with a very dear friend this evening. She wrote to me: I'm over it. I'm a one woman show and need a long runway for take off. ______________________________________________________ How well do I know those words, personally,..."I'm over it."  And then my prayers are answered..or... I wake up to what God has been telling me all along.  And I know what it takes to lift off when the end of the runway is in sight: full power, flaps down (more drag so it's slower, but more lift to get the plane off the runway, even if it's just a few inches above the runway). Landing gear up once I know I'm out of harm's way, and I pull the stick back, and point the plane upward...maybe moving slow...but the plane picks up speed once I level off...then it's "I'm outta here!" She wrote back: Thank you Marilyn. I’m not sure why but this made me cry. Full power resonates.  And yes, God listens.  My res