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I'm, so sorry.

I get it. If we've lost trust with somebody or a bunch of somebodies, we need to apologize to those with whom we've lost trust. But now, apologies are a 'trending' topic. Wells Fargo...Uber...Facebook... What the heck? NOW Wells Fargo is saying"we" lost our way. If I was the head of Wells Fargo I'd fire myself, and all the others 'on my team' who followed my lead into disaster. NOW Uber is saying they won't hire drivers who offer sexual harassment under the guise of casual conversation. I wrote about this last summer...but it wasn't about sexual harassment. I shared a ride with a dude, and the driver talked about guns..the kind that kill people and the type of guns he owns. I thought...this maniac is driving me to my house? I should stop and get out..and hike the rest of the way home. This is a very good reason to have a driver NOT stop at your home. Get picked up at the apartment across the street, and get dropped off at anoth