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...not the store. I'm talking about my car (which is kept in the driveway), is a target for bird poop. About three weeks ago, I decided I'd wash the car...myself. I hadn't done that for a long time. Instead, I take the CADEAU to the carwash. They do a good enough job at the carwash. But I feel I do a much better job, myself. I hauled all the stuff from under the back porch cabinet: -a shop vac and the associated attachments -a big white (paint-style) bucket -the pink car shampoo -the reusable microfiber blue square cloths -the wet/dry towels (those are the ones that dry completely stiff) -the wiper cleaner -the wiper fluid And I used all of it. The CADEAU looked great! Then I put the car cover on. And I put some bricks on the cover so it wouldn't blow off. And yes, the wind blew like stink. And the cover was completely off, blown against the gate.  Another "oh, well" moment. live richly, marilyn