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"Liberty is always unfinished business."

I was watching the TV broadcast of the Washington D.C. Capitol Fourth fireworks, opera, song, orchestra, and band festival, on the night of July 4th, this year. I was literally weeping while those performers were singing/playing all these patriotic songs. Gosh, even now I'm shedding a tear. It's difficult for me to NOT cry. I guess crying is a type of release for me. Not that I cry regularly, but even last Saturday, I was at an annual association meeting, and those hymns made me well up. No. I was actually crying. Speaking for myself, there's nothing uglier than me, who is trying to sing, through tears. When emotions run so deep, when I'm overwhelmed by the goodness of people, I just give in and give up...and I'm crying. I keep a calendar in a corner of my bathroom counter. Each day has a saying. My mom gave me this small, mini flip chart. And unless I'm away from home, each day of the year has a new saying. And it's repeated every year. I love