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By the sea, by the San Francisco bay....

And this is why I like Alameda. Not that I've ever tried kite sailing or windsurfing, but to ride my bike from home and be by the bay within 5 minutes and on flat pretty amazing. I was meeting a friend at the Concert at the Cove, i.e. a local park. The city books a different band for the 3 concerts. This band was kind of a mash-up..between rock, country, and loud! It was great! I got there a bit late, but there was parking...for bikes. There will be one more concert in August...and then it's over for the summer! Then I treated the two of us to dinner...she drove and I rode my bike. It's all good...and if I complain I let people know they can slap me. So far nobody has taken me up on the slapping...but it keeps me from bitching about the world. Live richly, marilyn    My Alameda real estate blog... The Second Story click the link!