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MONversation, again.

I don't subscribe to any local newspaper. I get all of my news from NPR/KQED.

I will say that the local Alameda Sun is a close 2nd for very local news. And the Alameda NOT about anything that is A-town related. What a waste of newsprint. 

I do get the CA online edition of the New York Times. Not sure who/how I got it (maybe one of my kids?), but it's good.

But what I really love is my subscription to The Christian Science Monitor. I've been getting a weekly, printed edition, but I also get it online with the daily edition, for the most recent news. It's balanced, well-written, and full of facts and context.

As I was driving to Pleasanton, late this afternoon for a meeting, I had my own MONversation with one of the KQED hosts. I call it a MONversation, because it's one-sided, and I can't really talk to the other person. So it goes out of my nowhere.

I can't remember what the conversation was about. And I responded out loud to those qu…