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This past Tuesday evening was the first night of the 2018 The Oakland Speakers Series. The venue is the Oakland Paramount Theatre. Every speaker raves about the ornateness of the theatre. The theatre seats 3040. This year only 40 seats (tickets) became available. I'm not sure how/who got us started attending these. Sure there's been some dud speakers, but yes...there have been some really  great speakers! (Carl's now been gone for 16 years and we may have attended it for 3-5 years before he passed on?) Each year I think about not purchasing those tix...but each year I do. And last night was a great event, opening with Annie Griffiths, a National Geographic Magazine photographer. I had tears in my eyes as she described each insight to what she's trying to do. And she has traveled the world with her 2 kids! What a life she's shown them! After the presentation, my friend, Betty, and I worked our way back to my car. The open lot was nearly emp