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Lunch with an artist on Balboa Pier.

  This is the time of year when the locals have claimed their land in  no tourists (well, very few tourists) . Most every day I would take my bike and ride along the beach, from the Wedge to Balboa Pier, to Newport Pier and/or to Huntington Beach Pier. It was heavenly even when there were lingering clouds. On my last day in Newport Beach, I had lunch with an artist. We went to junior high school and high school way back in the day. Eve and I met up on Balboa Island and we each brought a bike sitting on a rack on the back of our cars. It was a perfect day: warm with a bit of a breeze. We took our bikes on the ferry and then we rode over to the Wedge. The Wedge was breaking (very intermittently) several days before when I first arrived in Corona del Mar. The lifeguards were trying to keep the tourists away from the water.  Not much action while Eve and I were there. (photo is from an online collection). As I was riding and driving around, I saw signs that were pr