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Wait a moment, be still...

Smoke filled skies, bike ride along the shore. Ugh...driving my car to Berkeley for a meeting at 10am. Do I allow 30 minutes? No, that's not enough time. An hour? The 'what if's' are rolling through my mind. I tried to carpool...and asked folks to join me. But they had somewhere else to be after the meeting. Better leave early. Ugh. Which bridge do I use to get off this island? Cal Trans workers have blocked access while they're trying to improve access off and onto this island. How about using The Tube? Wait a moment, Marilyn. Stop thinking so much. Be still.  I decided to go underwater, so The Tube won! I left about 9:15. The lady in my car told me the directions. (It's a game of trust, with the I believe her, or not?) Wait! There's a parking space in front of the 6 story building! Yeah for me! Ugh. Meter is only good for 1 hour. Ok, I'll come back and feed the meter just before the hour is up. Went up the elevator and found out t