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I think that my current car, a Toyota Corolla SE, makes me look like I'm driving a sports car. And I think that I'm the only one in the world who thinks like that. 

However, these days, the parking lot spaces are a lot smaller than they used to be, especially those that you need to drive straight into: like in shopping centers, and in business centers.

I think that these lots conform to the building code (parking code), standards. Sure the cars are smaller, but really? This small? These vehicles are all mini cars.

In fact, the spaces are so narrow, I can't even get myself in or out of the car. And if a truck, van, SUV parks next to me...I need to wait until the owner/driver returns to get into my car.

Once a larger vehicle encroaches on the parking space next door to it, it's like playing door hits a car, hits a car, hits a car.

Bottom that the rains have begun to diminish, I need to ride my bike to avoid those lots.

At least I'll be wearing…

Personal guidelines.

I'm in a meeting.  If I'm rolling my eyes, it's to keep me from opening my mouth.

Live richly,  marilyn


Alameda has a pretty good car wash. Most of the folks who work there have great reputations...because...well, A-town is a small town.  The owners seemed to have worked here forever, and they have become friends to those of us who use their services.

I decided my car needed washing.  Sometimes I do the job myself...that way the only one I can blame is me...if something doesn't look right, is smeared, or I skipped/missed a spot/or got too involved with talking with neighbors or passers-by.

The sun was so bright in the blue sky dotted with cloud puffs.  And it was very windy.  I was not the only one with the bright idea of getting my car washed. The line of vehicles going through and coming out was huge! What a terrific location this is....across the street from the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

My CADEAU (license plate on my car - French for gift) and me, were towards the end of the line.

I guess because we've seen so much rain this winter, everybody was happy to speak to everyb…

Short and sweet....and free at last.

I have a very dear friend here in Alameda.

She told me, a couple of months ago, that her husband said he had taken off his watch, when he retired.

Her friend told her that she took off her bra, when she retired.

You go, girl!

Live richly, and freely.


Bright lights...

I've always been fascinated by Air Traffic Controllers. I can't imagine how they do what they do.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I really love watching the planes land at Oakland International and San Francisco International Airports...but only in the 'bad' weather.

For landing at SFO I can watch them for several miles, as they are on their final approach. The planes land into the wind, which in bad weather, is from the south. The jets don't fly anywhere over my house, but I can see them in the darkness for miles.

For landing at OAK I can watch them for several miles, as they on their final approach, which is to the east, in bad weather.  Again, they don't fly over my house.

When a friend and I ride our bikes along the shoreline in near darkness and decent weather, we can watch up to 20 planes do the dance that the ATC want them to do.

I used to listen to them on the radio pictured below. That radio has been in our carriage house for years...and I think i…

DMV revisited.



Ut-oh. I woke up...and I didn't hear that warm air from my heater/furnace. Despite that, it seemed positively tropical compared to those caught in the polar vortex. In California, we are 'weather wimps.'

I called a heating company that had worked for me recently. The woman who answered the phone told me it might be that the batteries are dead in the thermostat. 

OMG..who knew the last time I changed out those AA batteries? Good news, she was right! I obeyed her instructions.

That warm air warmed my heart and my jammie-clad body. 

And what a client's furnace had stopped working the day before. I tried to change out those batteries, but I couldn't even open up the thermostat.

As I was starting to close up my own battery door, I suddenly heard a was playing in the furnace. Really...the music was glorious! 

I looked around...nobody was there...was this a joke? Was I still sleeping? It was some type of victory music! I thought I was losing my mi…

Gray hair....hide it or stride with it....

Gray hair....why do those that have it, don't want it? 
Years ago, I had a 'pro' color my hair because I was going gray. That turned out to be a hair didn't take the color too well, and I was walking around with all kinds of colors on my head. So much so, that I called myself 'rainbow head.'

Powering up then pulling the power back....

There's something comforting (to me) when the weather patterns dictate how and where a plane flies.

I got a text from a friend today...saying that she can't get to sleep at night because the jets are flying over her house. She wondered why are they doing that? I wonder if she even knows that I was a professional pilot.

My friend was questioning why the engines power up when the planes are landing, yet when you actually see them, that seems to be contrary to how we think.
My answer to her was because it keeps the passengers safe, the airplane safe, and the phrase 'have a happy landing' actually means something!

Yep, I was paid to fly gliders, small single engine land airplanes, and multi-engine planes. I didn't have a uniform, but those of us who flew these types of aircraft, usually wore jeans, t-shirts, heavy shoes, and very warm jackets.

If you live in a place close to airports (big and small), you can probably tell what the weather is outside, from the sounds in…

Cars: Lyft and Tesla

Our daughter got us started with the Oakland Speakers Series, held between September through May. Since Carl's been gone nearly 17 years, that subscription has been in place over 20? years!

Some of us carpool to the Series and one of them called me and said she wasn't feeling too well, and she'd drop her ticket off at my house so I could find somebody who would use it that night. And another person wouldn't be going to dinner because she and her friend had big lunch. I tried hard to find somebody who could use that ticket...but to no avail.

I usually drive but my friend has offered to drive her husband's old truck because in September and October we came out and found my car window smashed in. Yes, two windows in 2 months. She said that nobody would even bother doing anything to that truck.

ugh. Should I go or should I stay? I decided to go. But I wouldn't drive my car. I'd take a Lyft. And I'd take a Lyft back home. Off I went..and I got there in very …

Looking back.....and ahead.

These are the questions that I answer every year. I look back and remember a bit of what was going on at that time, who I was with (or not), what I was focused on (or not), taking nothing for granted.

How would you answer these?

What's the coolest thing you've seen in 2018?Watching my grandkids grow up, and become as wonderful as my own kids and their spouses.

What's the biggest personal accomplishment you've had in 2018? I think it's getting my thoughts under control...especially when I want to say something that can be considered rude or misconstrued.  "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuttest his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."

Where was your quietest moment in 2018?
Ridingmy bike on the boardwalk in Newport Beach, up to Huntington Beach and back across the ferry to Balboa Island. Me, myself, and I, with my thoughts. 

Who was the most inspirational to you in 2018?Folks that run for office. It takes guts to do th…