Cars: Lyft and Tesla

Our daughter got us started with the Oakland Speakers Series, held between September through May. Since Carl's been gone nearly 17 years, that subscription has been in place over 20? years!

Some of us carpool to the Series and one of them called me and said she wasn't feeling too well, and she'd drop her ticket off at my house so I could find somebody who would use it that night. And another person wouldn't be going to dinner because she and her friend had big lunch. I tried hard to find somebody who could use that ticket...but to no avail.

I usually drive but my friend has offered to drive her husband's old truck because in September and October we came out and found my car window smashed in. Yes, two windows in 2 months. She said that nobody would even bother doing anything to that truck.

ugh. Should I go or should I stay? I decided to go. But I wouldn't drive my car. I'd take a Lyft. And I'd take a Lyft back home. Off I went..and I got there in very good time and the driver was friendly.

I was the only one sitting where we usually sit. Then our friend, Ward, showed up and he said he was the only one of the group at the restaurant.

I was so glad I got off my butt and saw the speaker for January, Ken Burns. He was amazing. How he comes up with his ideas, how focused he is, what his biz partner does and how they work together, why he only works only for the average people, like me, not for the big bucks companies.

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The talk was over..and I told Ward I would be getting a Lyft home. He told me he'd be happy to drive me home, in his Tesla. Nah, I can take a Lyft.

As we approached his car, parked on the street, neither of us saw any smashed windows! YAY! I've never driven in a Tesla. He loves that car. And now I know why. Quiet and responsive and quiet and quick and quiet and stealthy.

As I climbed up the front stairs to my house, I heard a whoosh. And I immediately thought of Michael Fox, in the movie Back to the Future. It was Ward, minimal sound, maximum power.

I looked over to my car, a 2015 Toyota Corolla. And I smiled.

I am living richly, marilyn     

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