Gray hair....hide it or stride with it....

Gray hair....why do those that have it, don't want it? 

Years ago, I had a 'pro' color my hair because I was going gray. That turned out to be a hair didn't take the color too well, and I was walking around with all kinds of colors on my head. So much so, that I called myself 'rainbow head.'
Image of gray hair dogs
Then I had a different pro add highlights of gray to my rainbow head. And I kept it short. Ugh. I told myself, "Self, this too shall pass." And it did. 

I was watching TV recently: all of these politicians are trying to look younger, but still, have old faces...both men and women! Our President is one of the worst examples. The only thing that Trump and Nancy Pelosi have in common is dyed hair. 

Oh, and the comb-overs! These politicians need to rethink their strategies. 

Even Evan, my son, and his family, have a dog that has gray hair. We love Hazel!

This is a new day and time, friends! The only roots I want to think about is the Roots on Jimmy Fallon’s  Night TV show. And some of those band members are bald, have graying hair, and they rock!  

Live richly,



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