Alameda has a pretty good car wash. Most of the folks who work there have great reputations...because...well, A-town is a small town.  The owners seemed to have worked here forever, and they have become friends to those of us who use their services.

I decided my car needed washing.  Sometimes I do the job myself...that way the only one I can blame is me...if something doesn't look right, is smeared, or I skipped/missed a spot/or got too involved with talking with neighbors or passers-by.

The sun was so bright in the blue sky dotted with cloud puffs.  And it was very windy.  I was not the only one with the bright idea of getting my car washed. The line of vehicles going through and coming out was huge! What a terrific location this is....across the street from the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

Rainbow close to Costco
My CADEAU (license plate on my car - French for gift) and me, were towards the end of the line.

I guess because we've seen so much rain this winter, everybody was happy to speak to everybody else: about their dogs that came with them (which cuddled up to their owners to stay warm); about the lovely sunshine; about stories that had happened to them in the past, and the stories that were closer to the present. Some of us shared stories about Alaska.

One young gentleman was from the military...and wondered what/where the beach was? I had him get on top of the table and pointed to the bay...and I said that's it! He was in awe!

It's the simple things in going on a walk, or going on a bike ride, or going to the carwash, where you can share with other nice folks a few moments of peace, appreciation, and at the same time, get a cleansing of the soul as well as the vehicle.

Live richly, marilyn


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