Key to my heart....

This is actually a keyhole to our carriage house. I'm not sure I have a key that fits the hole...but I have a ton of keys, from this old house.

Part 1: 

I went to two very memorable events last was on a Friday evening and the other was the day, a Saturday afternoon. These events unlocked the key to my heart. 

I had given myself plenty of time for my drive from Alameda to Sacramento. I was driving (I assumed) in non-traffic hours so I left at 2pm. Bad news, Marilyn. It was a crawl on the freeway and I wasn't even to the Carquinez Bridge. 

I hadn't factored in the accidents on Interstate 80. OMG. I glanced at my car clock, ticking the time away. Should I turn back? No, I told myself. Keep going. 

I got to Sacto, and the lady in my car continued to tell me where to go. But then GPS lady told me "You have reached your destination. The route guidance is over." Really? 

I got out my phone and google maps said I should turn right, and right, and right again. And sure enough, I ended up at the wedding venue. I immediately parked the CADEAU at a 30-minute meter. It was worth getting a ticket. I walked in at the very moment the Bride and Groom said their "I do's." It was well worth the sweat and agony. And they were both so happy! 

I met some long-distance working friends who were at the wedding and they let me know that we were the only ones from the bride's company who were invited. Now, I felt doubly glad that I had endured the drive. 

After the photos, and the toasts, and more drinks (for me, non-alcoholic), we were invited to find our seats for dinner. It was marvelous. And both families were executing and creating old and new traditions. I left about 9pm...and the drive back was the way I had planned for the drive up. 

And that drive home included the cop cars, with full flashing lights, that were zigging and zagging across 5 lanes of get us to slow down. Another accident and all of us handled it masterfully. We were never at a standstill. And me? I was listening and singing to CDs and rock stations as we moved along. 

But it's the simple things...getting to and from a destination safely, learning to control my emotions, enjoying the wedding and my friends.... priceless.

Next week...I'll write about the Saturday event. 

Live richly, marilyn


  1. Good for you. The good motive led to the good blessings for everyone.


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