Two days: one wedding and one celebration of life.

Part 2: continued from last week...

The night before I attended a wedding in Sacto. 

The Saturday after the wedding I attended a celebration of life. 

I'm not big on either of these events, celebrations, etc. But these two events knocked my sox off. 

I've felt like I've known this family for decades. Actually, I have known them for over 3 decades. 

I knew the parking lots would be filled. So I decided to ride my bike there. I prayed a bit before doing this. But it just seemed right. 

Central Baptist Church was almost across the street from my own church. This was the perfect way to travel: no rain, out in the air. 

I wasn't sure what to expect. But as soon as I got inside, I felt right at home. 

Sure, there were lots of tears...but the attendees knew there was more than tears. There was music...not moaning music but country-style music sung by three men, members of the congregation. They were joyful! And they sang with purpose and goodwill. 

Some of the family members spoke...and told family stories. I think some of those stories had not been told before...but everybody was smiling, even laughing, through the tears. 

I saw folks that I'd not seen for quite a while. I met folks that I've known but they introduced me to their families. 

I had a chance to speak with the Pastor. We started talking about church organs. And I told him about our pipe organ. I hope to make an arrangement so he can meet our organist and maybe and perhaps tickle the ivories or whatever the keys are made of. 

I'm not big on funerals. But if I get invited to another one like this...count me in! After all, it's all about the people.

Live richly, marilyn


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