Weeds and Easter

I was walking down the stairs on my back porch, looking at my bike, and I saw these green items, growing in one of my pots, today.

This shows just what living things will do IF they have enough water and some plain dirt to put roots into and something nourishing to feed them.

This pot has been empty since last fall. I think it's a weed on the top of the photo. I think the bottom is a real plant (veggie or flower). But I'm pretty sure they won't last if  I don't plant them somewhere, where they can thrive.

This pretty much explains what I think about Easter. Sure, there's the candy, and the baskets, and the candy, and egg hunt, and the candy...but Easter is about renewal, and rising upward and moving onward. (Sounds like Jerry Seinfeld's bit on candy and Halloween)

Whether you have any belief in Jesus and what he did and how he rose up, after he was crucified, and made himself known to his disciples, who were grieving over his death, doesn't matter to me.

What does matter is that I have the kindness if I'm wronged; that I have the forgiveness if I'm wronged, and that I can keep going if I'm wronged. These are not easy items to grasp or overcome. And it's best if I don't talk about it, but show it.

So for now, Happy Easter, and I hope your baskets are full of those riches.

Live richly, marilyn

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