The company that does all my marketing for me is called Fusion. Their tagline is 'Meet People, Make Friends'!

I don't go into Bed, Bath, and Beyond thinking this. However, I have a stack of coupons in my kitchen and in my car.

This past week I took my BB&B coupons out of my car. I found what I wanted and while I was in the short line, the service person at the counter asked if one of the two customers ahead of me had any coupons? She said "no."

I said "yes!" The woman said "no no no!"

I held up my stack. The service person said "Use it!" After a few seconds, the woman acquiesced. Thumbs Up!

The next person in line stepped up. The service person asked if he had any coupons. Obviously, he hadn't paid any attention to the person before him. He said "no." I said "yes!" He didn't want them.

The service person said "It's like free money!" That woke the guy up.

No expiration date. The best of the coupons is 20% off.

It's free money! Now, go get what you want and save some $$$. I love that store!

And by the way....they walk out happy, I walk out happy, even though we haven't met and we're not friends. Maybe next time....

Live richly, marilyn


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