Boom in the night....

I live in an old house. Most of the houses around me are old. Lot's of them are getting work done on them after the heavy winter rains. However, finding a good contractor that has the time, is nearly impossible.

Last night, while I was in bed, it was silent, until it wasn't. I heard a lot of firecrackers, explosions, or whatever, very close to me. I don't know if it was behind me, up the street, down the street, or even out of the area. It sounded if it was in my back yard.

Having fun is one thing. Being obedient to the law (no fireworks) is another. I believe I wrote about this a few years ago.

When we lived in half a duplex, on the east end, July 4th evening came around again. I believe that Carl was racing to Hawaii. I don't remember if we had 1 or 2 kids. But during the next couple of days...I breathed in some whiffs of smoke. Not enough to call the fire department, but I definitely smelled smoke.

Looking back it may have helped if I had called the fire department. But I didn't.

Turns out that some type of firecracker was shot off, and landed in our side yard. It was smoldering in some of our plants, close to the wooden fence that separated us from the neighbor. It was extinguished immediately, thus no more smoke.

This was our first apartment that Carl rented for us: upper floor, front unit, a studio.
I drew this when he was off sailing. I thought it was heaven.

THIS IS WHY, certainly in Alameda, a small jammed-pack town, we have these laws.

I get it, kids don't know what they don't know, or maybe they do, but don't care. But somebody should have the brains to know.

And this right after we had the earthquake in S. Calif yesterday.

Better get our stuff in order...earthquake survival packs (3 or 5 days  - I have both in my car), weatherproof bins outside that will hold a few gallons of water and some dried food, Mylar blankets, toothbrushes, etc.

So I hope your celebrations were what you wanted them to be....and nothing more!

Live richly! m


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