I rode my bike to the most recent City Council meeting, last Tuesday evening. I met a couple of friends there and they were saving a seat for me.

I was there to speak about rent control. And I took less than my 2 minutes to say what I wanted. I usually take some notes to the podium with me. That way I don't mess up too badly.

Can you find the butterfly? I took this
in the garden of our church.
But what I learned was how to be grateful for each person that spoke: that meant young people in high school, it meant older (than me) people. All kinds. All colors. All points of view.

It meant the city council members, (even if 2 of them have recently been investigated by a Grand Jury), for some no-no's. In fact, one of them said 'Hello, Marilyn' to me before the meeting. I didn't even know he knew my name, much less what I looked like.

On my way home, about 8:30pm, I made eye contact with many of those who were at the meeting...and I said 'hello' and smiled. Even those who didn't know anything about the meeting: they were riding bikes, walking, and the eye contact worked, whether they responded or not.

Folks need to be acknowledged. I think this is what we are learning...with the next election just around the corner. I won't be the only one that can sit tight, and listen...for just one positive moment. Maybe many moments. But it only takes eye contact...and a smile.

And I watched the rest of the meeting on TV, the whole thing. Oh, well.

Live richly, marilyn


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