This is the view from my reclining outdoor chair, under a tree.  
And the chimes sound heavenly, soft and deep.  

-I was talking on the phone with a friend yesterday. She said she 'got a cold'. My response was to 'Give it back, give it back!' She laughed. 

-I've been clearing out my home office. Files, gone. Papers, gone. Old devices that were once high tech, are no longer.  Buh-bye. 

--I asked for 12 more 3-sided legal files from a local title company. I've filled them up. I now need to go through those files another time, and see if I can get rid of more stuff. 

-My shredder has been grinding away. 

-Have space...will fill. That's my motto. That's my life. Not any more. 

-I found a ruler in one my desk drawers (and I found several rulers). It was old and beat up. I looked at the backside. It was a friend of my son's from middle school (and that was 22 years ago). Somehow I got the ruler. And I took a photo of it. I emailed it to my son. 

I said, "Daniel Chanin called and he wants his ruler back." I thought it was funny. He emailed me back. "Ha - that is awesome. I'll see if I can get his number from Ray and send it to him." That made me smile. 

-I've been at my desk, thinking about my life and other things.  Then I see dust in the most unusual places. I have not yet decided to wipe it up. 

And life goes on...and on...and on... 

Live richly! marilyn


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