Ex-husbands and painting.....

Nothing like getting to meet your neighbors when you start painting your house. Well, I'm not painting, but I have some excellent painters doing it for me!

As I was taking photos late this afternoon, a couple about my age, walked by with their dog. They asked about the colors...and I said it's going to be the same colors when I had the expert Colorist/Artist work with me 15 years ago.

Then I realized that I'd met the woman before, maybe at a Neighborhood Watch party. She has this guy who goes up a ladder and paints the house by hand and I've seen him doing it every year! Turns out that he's her ex-husband and he loves what he's doing! Wow...what a job! And what a lucky woman!

My white house no longer looks like the White House. It now has some colors on it...and the Project Manager wanted to know if the colors are accurate, even with a different brand of paint. They put on some of the colors in their assigned places so I could see them on the house.

I do think it's the right colors....but compared to how they faded over the 15 years since I last had it painted, I assume they are just fine. Plus I had the color swatches from back then, on my computer with the name of each color.

The good news is that Arana Craftsman Painters has another house on the same street to paint, based on my friend who called me and wondered who I was using. I told him, and now the company has another paint job nearby.

Here are some photos that I took today. The crew has had to quit early 3 times in the last 10 days, due to the extreme heat. But they show up every day @ 8am, and then on Saturdays @ 9am. They are terrific!

By the way...I've invited several folks who have walked by to the next Neighborhood Watch gathering. It's nice to talk to newer folks in town, and hear how much they like it here! And it takes more than one person, to make that happen...it takes a village.

Live richly, marilyn


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