Backyard events...

Part 1

I know it sounds like a commercial. Oh, it is.  'Will State Farm cover my 'She Shed?'

Will State Farm cover my bar-be-que? Hell, no!

We used to use State Farm...but I changed companies many years ago. Choosing an insurance company is like....choosing your just get what you get.

After three years of drought, we had a very wet rainy season last year. My Weber bar-be-que literally rusted itself to death. But I never used it during those years. It wasn't worth the hassle.

Then my son and his family, and his friends and their family came over earlier this year and they fired up the Weber. I hadn't even looked inside of it! But they scraped it clean and grilled some burgers and veggies on it.

Then came the painters in the last 2 months. They moved the immovable - the bar-be-que. And it started to fall apart. OMG. They left it as they found it. Not their was mine.

As I started to move it back into its position in the yard/patio, rusted pieces were failing and falling everywhere. I called the garbage people to see if they would haul it off. Yes. They could. She told me it could cost me $75-$100 to have them pick it up from the curb. But she wasn't sure. She did call me back.

Good only cost me $37.50 but I had to pay upfront. FINE! And I could put the loose/removable pieces into the blue bin, to recycle. Okay...that's helpful.

So late yesterday afternoon, I moved it to the curb, with little or no hassle.

Then my mind went crazy...what if 'they' don't come? What if 'they' need me to tag it with a number, which I never was given? What if?

Good news...they came this morning and picked it up. And they took the scrap/rusted metal in the blue bin as well.

Part 2 of Backyard week.
BTW....what kind of animal is larger than most cats...has calico/blotchy fur and a long hairless tail? 

Live richly and with curiosity, marilyn

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