Backpack on the rack.

I couldn't find my backpack anywhere, last night, and I looked everywhere; in drawers, behind furniture, in the laundry room, in my closet, blah blah blah.

I wanted to get to our Wednesday evening church meeting by 7:30pm. And at 6pm it was pretty dark.

I needed to decide if riding my bike or driving there would be best (or worst).

I have a lighted helmet with a turn indicator built into it, a bike light that flashes quickly or slowly, is bright or a bit dimmer to light up the dark night, my reflective gloves, and my orange Patagonia jacket. I look more like a Christmas tree than a bike rider. But still no personal ID.

If I drove, I'd still have no I.D. but I'd have my most current driver's registration, which showed up in the mail this week. I drove....very cautiously.

I know exactly where I went during the a meeting at City Hall, 3rd floor, room 360. It was a very informative meeting and our Building Official let our lead Planner take over the meeting.

It's all about building new housing everywhere in the state: Accessory Dwelling Units, and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (aka: ADU's and Jr. ADU')s.  We met for about an hour ...and the next group of folks came in.

Next, I rode my bike to The Little House Cafe to meet up with a friend, for lunch, which was delicious. We were there for maybe 2 hours, sharing what we've been doing, and what more we want to do.

Back to last night...what if? where could it be? argh! oh no. Good news....I had my phone and my keys in my pockets. I could be grateful for those items.

By the end of our church service, I felt much calmer. I may not know where that backpack is, but I was quite sure that God knew.

Whether you're a believer or not, it's not good to dwell on things that we don't have control over, and it's easier to toss the issue over to a higher power. I was actually smiling at the end of the service. I drove back home.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to call The Little House. The owner answered...and yes they had found it. And obviously, they didn't go through the backpack to find my ID. They had it hanging on a rack near the door.

I got on my bike, figured out the best, safest way to get there (traffic can be an issue). I took the backpack off the rack and said thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

I rode over to the hardware store to check out some over-the-stove vent filters. There I had a lovely chat with a contractor who used to live next door, but he bought a house last year. We talked about all things housing: the ADU's and how expensive they are to build (fees from the city, utilities to place underground and the basic construction costs). Nothing is cheap in CA.

Then we talked about moving out of town? Where? Out of state? We both decided to stay where we are....because we know Alameda so well, it's well located, and even though it's grown over the has every other place. Plus, he was born here. I'm always impressed to know those people.

I went home and cleaned my furnace air filters. I let them dry out in the sun.  They were reinstalled when my furnace vendor came over to be sure that everything was right. Then the electrician vendor came over to be sure that all was right. These are annual checkups.

All is well. And I should have known this...especially when it wasn't obvious. But be calm, Marilyn. Just be quiet and listen.

Live richly, marilyn

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