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Ut-oh. I woke up...and I didn't hear that warm air from my heater/furnace. Despite that, it seemed positively tropical compared to those caught in the polar vortex. In California, we are 'weather wimps.' I called a heating company that had worked for me recently. The woman who answered the phone told me it might be that the batteries are dead in the thermostat.  OMG..who knew the last time I changed out those AA batteries? Good news, she was right! I obeyed her instructions. That warm air warmed my heart and my jammie-clad body.  And what a client's furnace had stopped working the day before. I tried to change out those batteries, but I couldn't even open up the thermostat. As I was starting to close up my own battery door, I suddenly heard a was playing in the furnace.  Really...the music was glorious!  I looked around...nobody was there...was this a joke? Was I still sleeping?  It was some type of victory music!  I tho