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DMV revisited.

Alrighty. I made the appointment to get to the DMV. I usually go the Oakland Coliseum DMV...and that is a disaster, whether you have an appointment or not. In 2017, I thought I'd lost my backpack/purse at an open house. My bad: I had stuffed it into a corner in a tall dresser in the dining room. Because I made the decision to shove my pack into the corner, I couldn't find it once I closed the house up. I figured somebody swiped it. Again, my bad. I was driving without a license, and my credit cards were gone, too. All ended up just client found the backpack and all it's contents were intact. But I went through the exercise to get a temporary license. This time I was going to the Berkeley Claremont DMV to renew my license and get that airport REAL ID. Yes, there was a parking space in the lot. Yes, although it was raining, I was welcomed in. Yes, I showed up for my appointment time and had my paperwork. Yes, I did stand in line for about 5 minutes.