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Roses and some lessons from them....

I've had some time to spend looking around my yard, both front and back, and realized that I've been completely ignoring....everything. Yes, I do have gardeners and they do a great job...but I'd rather work on my roses and trim and prune them, and then I can only blame myself if they don't do what I'd like them to do. One late afternoon this week I went out and cut off the dead roses and there were a lot of them. Then I cut off the suckers (they take up space and don't actually grow any roses). Next, I cleared out the center of each rose bush and rose tree. This gives them sunlight to keep producing roses. And the way I'm supposed to prune them is to find an outward-facing bud, so the rose bush/tree rather looks like a bowl. And I'm supposed cut below  "the first 5-leaflet stem". It takes some time...and I'm no expert. The good news is they keep blooming. I am blessed...and these roses remind me of that fact. Live rich