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I've taken the leap...getting the exterior of this old lady (not me), it's my house which was erected in 1898, painted. With the rains this past winter, the house had peeling paint, had paint bubbles, and some dry rot (not sure yet how much yet).    The painters started on Tuesday. They are super-organized: ladders stacked, drop cloths folded, paint cans organized, and they brought a microwave so they can heat up their lunch...which is homemade. They leave their tools exactly the same each day. The project manager has come by to be sure all is well. They've spent 2 full days sanding the east side of the building and they're not done yet. This old gal (not me) is getting a facelift. They'll be working their way around the building... the last phase is the front. While I don't speak Spanish, the music is good, but with the sanders sanding, the tunes are off. So far, they said the house has really good wood (I'm assuming it's redwood).