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Rain rain go away...

...come back when the painting is done! Two separate people drove by my house...two times, because they didn't recognize it. The priming and prep is almost done. The most of the dryrot has been filled in by some gray/brown/mastic/epoxy, and then sanded into the wood, where it will harden into the correct shape (curves, straight lines, patches). This also works for nail holes in the woodwork, and where boards have some gaps in them. The last photo is from the inside of the main entry. It's still light inside, but I feel like I'm living in a cave...with the plastic on all of the windows. Maybe, I'm told, next week the painters might be able to put on the colors, to see if those colors meet my expectations. And I've told those that have driven by this white house, looking for the colors that have been sanded off...I'm may still be living in the white house, but please don't even think that our President resides there, at all. Li