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Been thinkin'....

Maybe I could have been a tugboat captain. Probably not. Back in the day, even when Carl was around...I never saw a woman tugboat captain. Back in the day, people were astounded when I hopped out of an airplane or sailplane. This week I was fortunate enough to watch several tugboats pull, turn, and push around 2 huge container ships, in Alameda's estuary turning basin. I was totally fascinated. What's the horsepower of those engines? What if? Where would I be now? Where would I live? Evan, our son, had a friend whose dad was a ship's captain. I didn't want to ask the man about his job. But I knew that he was gone a lot. One of these days, I'll get out our (ship to shore) marine radio, and listen in on those conversations between the tugs and the ships. I think that radio is on the workshop bench in our carriage house. Live richly, marilyn