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Building bridges...

The last leg of my working vaca found me driving from San Diego to Lodi. That's a long drive. But it was well worth it. Our (real estate) leadership group meets every year (this is my second time) in the autumn. We learn lots of things...primarily to listen, then respond. Yes, it actually works. The second day we had to work as small groups. I've never taken this training but it's how to work with various personalities. It's a way to find out who you are, and what/who others are, and then hopefully we can use these techniques in various ways: verbal, non-verbal, knowing how others may act/react.  And no...we didn't get to choose who we worked with...our team was assigned to us.  This particular exercise involved all of us, in smaller groups, figuring out how to build bridges from scratch. At the end of the allotted time, we should be able to have two toy cars (the type that are powered by swiping them backwards so they will roll forwards) and cross our