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Random thoughts....

...that I've had regarding my blog posts. -demographics/demongraphics - know your demographics - (JCPenney, Sears, ToysRUs) -Plato/playdough -good and bad...instant news (fake or not)...good? better think twice before opening your mouth, writing it down. bad? lack of damage unknown others, to family, friends etc. -Life isn't easy, but I'd rather leave this earth having done something of value to and for people, than bask in riches and in ease, that, in the long run, doesn't matter to me or anybody else. No DO-OVERS! Take me up the next flight of stairs... -at my desk and suddenly my printer starts warming itself up...noises, the full works. wha' up w/ dat? not the first time, and always irregular.  - really, a robocall polling about football?  Mean-ness - get over it. Why not take a big step and ask 'an enemy' (or so it seems), out for a beverage or breakfast or brunch. Put the phones down and shut them