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Something under the ivy....

I was clearing out my carriage house/shop/garage where you can't get a car into....last week. About a week before I found a bunch of flies circling around and landing on, something. I thought it was pooh. Uh, no it was not. It was a dead cat. I thought. Oh no...I hadn't seen the kitty who lived somewhere next door for a while. ugh. I know that animals sometimes find a place to die...and just....die. That cat didn't like to get close to me... that was for sure...but it was always hanging around our yard. But it was a bit skittish. I let the 'cat' stay there for at least 3 days....and this past weekend, I decided to face my fears.. and also the flies that were buzzing and hovering around. Those were even grosser. Now, what if it's really dead? Who do I call? And I don't want to dump it into any of the gray, blue, or green bins. I found a smallish shovel in the carriage house. I also found a small plastic garbage pail (from the garbage company), t