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Get me outta this....

....Lyft! This week, 4 of us attended The Oakland Speaker Series . Some of us have attended this for decades? Daughter, Sutter, started this, and Carl and I decided to buy season tickets and I've been attending ever since (unless I give my ticket to one of the group because I'm not able to attend or choose not to listen to the speaker). Last year I had the small car window (aka vent window) smashed in while we were listening to the speaker at the Paramount Theatre. And the next month I parked in a lot, and it happened again. Good news, my insurance covered the window...both times, with no deductible. Blue tape is part of my 'Realtor' tool kit, and I drove to Santa Cruz with a friend, with that window being blue-taped together, in order to attend a Leadership Training for the next two days. Back to yesterday....three of our group of four, (I was not consulted), came up with an idea. We'd drive to the loft-space of one of the others. We would park the car, and