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Backpack on the rack.

I couldn't find my backpack anywhere, last night, and I looked everywhere; in drawers, behind furniture, in the laundry room, in my closet,  blah blah blah . I wanted to get to our Wednesday evening church meeting by 7:30pm. And at 6pm it was pretty dark. I needed to decide if riding my bike or driving there would be best (or worst). I have a lighted helmet with a turn indicator built into it, a bike light that flashes quickly or slowly, is bright or a bit dimmer to light up the dark night, my reflective gloves, and my orange Patagonia jacket. I look more like a Christmas tree than a bike rider. But still no personal ID. If I drove, I'd still have no I.D. but I'd have my most current driver's registration, which showed up in the mail this week. I drove....very cautiously. I know exactly where I went during the a meeting at City Hall, 3rd floor, room 360. It was a very informative meeting and our Building Official let our lead Planner take over the