Let there be LIGHT!

I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner. Who knew? And does it make it brighter!

YEP! Most of my house is now full of LED lights. Sure, I had a few of them, (well, more than a few).   I was able to get my electrician to come over because, during another visit, while he was replacing this ridiculous chandelier in my office.

Bulbs were burnt out. Everything was covered in dust and grime. My ceilings are high so I don't want to climb a tall ladder without a safety net below me.

This is just a small sample of what I had in my house...all gone...buhbye!

He actually told me the size of the light fixture to get, how many watts, bulbs, etc. I looked online and sent him a photo of what I wanted. He suggested I get a larger diameter for the fixture. I did. It showed up. And it's terrific.

When he was through, he told me he could replace the old fluorescent light bulbs in my kitchen with LEDs.

We made an appointment for him to come over, measure, count the bulbs, and count the old switchplates (that ugly yellow/gray/brown filthy color.) And then I had him replace most, if not all of the bulbs. He had me get dimmer LED bulbs so they could fit in my dining room and living room chandeliers. I did not know they made dimmer LEDs.

It's sun-shiny whenever I want it to be! It didn't come cheap...paying for the lights and his labor...but as he says....I'll be able to get 40,000 hours out of those bulbs. He's the best electrician ever!

Live richly and with light, marilyn


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