Modem in a box....

OK. I get it. Things needed to get upgraded. But to live a life without Sonos? How about life without the Internet?

Comcast (Xfinity) let me know that my modem (whatever that is) needed to be replaced. Why? I thought. It's working just fine.

They sent me the modem in a hefty but compact box. And they expected me to figure out what cords/plugs needed to go where. No, not never, not ever.

If you saw the snake of cords beneath my desk, well, you'd rather not see them. Well, I'm going to show you.

But to live a life without Sonos? Sonos takes care of my music, my radio stations, and I can switch it on in any room that has the speakers (or I could just turn the sound up).

I called my electronics expert. He was able to be here in 10 minutes. He would be dealing with the modem. But then he needed to call Xfinity. And we were put in touch with somebody in Asia/India - for at least 45 minutes, maybe more.

And when he left to go to another scheduled appointment, I lost the connection to the Xfinity helper. My bad. The conversation was all about texting and following instructions which didn't work. We couldn't get my landline (I use it in case of emergency) to work - no dial tone. 

When he came back....I told him the bad news. He tried the landline again (without any call, without texting) and we had a dial tone! We jumped and I nearly cried. I was so grateful...and he was so relieved! 

Back to Sonos. Okay, I don't have any NPR/KQED. I couldn't follow the impeachment hearings. I thought I could use the radio from the carriage house (Carl's shop). Not so much. I looked at that radio and couldn't even figure out how to turn it on. I think it died a slow death due to the cold, and being ignored for years.

However, the electronic box would be shipped to Si's worker on Tuesday, and Kevin would be here to install it. 

In reality, I have so many other things to do. The time will just fly until I get my Sonos reinstalled.

Live richly, marilyn

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