Why does every item...

...seem to stop working at the same time?

This is just the way things are.....these days.

Good news! I had three different folks come by...and each item is fixed!

Good news! I was so mad at my printer because it wouldn't print. When I called Office Max about my questions, the woman put me on hold....for like 5 minutes, and then hung up. What?

The printer has been troublesome to me since I bought it in 2019.  My tech guy said it's a great printer. And now it works. It took him less than 10 minutes to get it to work.

Good news! Now my Sonos (speakers) works. And I don't have the replacement part yet, but it has been ordered.

Good news! I had another friend ask me if I had a stove person who could fix her ancient stove. I know what that's like. I have one of those ancient stoves, as well. He should be able to fix any stove or appliance (that's more ancient than new).

Each vendor is on my list, based on categories (like appliances, heaters, general contractors, roofers, cleaners, etc). That way I can refer them to friends/clients.

But... I'll call various vendors that work on various devices, appliances to see if they'll pick up their phone or return a call from me. If they don't do either,  I remove them from my list. Often the number I have, has that weird non-answerable doo-doo-doo sound, indicating to me that they've either moved on or have passed on to greener fields.

Live richly, and pay them what they ask for...or more. Get on with your lives plus they'll be grateful! Oh, it helps to have homemade cookies, as well, so when they walk away...they may remember you!

Live richly, marilyn


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