It was quite a time I had a week+ ago. Suddenly my computer went bonkers. I do admit that I'm a not very knowledgable user, and I only use what is simple to understand.

I called Kyle, The Computer Guy. He said he could come by on Tuesday. Good news:  my phone was working. Bad news, I have man-hands and I don't text very well or send emails on my phone because I have those man-hands.

Kyle said that I hit a button that I shouldn't have. It was an  'upgrade' for Google or Chrome. But I learned a lot. The email that I was sent, was bogus. But it looked so official! It made my computer sick, and I felt the same could I make that mistake?

I could not get my printer to work. I went to the local Office Max and met the most wonderful person...who printed up my fliers for the open house I had the next day. At that moment, I could have cried joyful tears!

I couldn't find my contacts. I couldn't pull up my blogs (thus no blogging last week). Things were definitely not as they should have been. They just disappeared!

So I started sweeping up my backyard. Leaves and ivy berries were everywhere, especially since the winds had been strong.

My panic attacks are NOT who I am! Just stand still and smell the roses. And I took a photo of my first rose to bloom! And I took a photo of one of the buds on my mock cherry tree.

All is well...and I continue to learn about patience and peace.  And when in doubt, you can find me cleaning. (But not as thoroughly as daughter, Sutter.)

Live richly, marilyn


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