Juggling with eggs....

I found some small square ball-like objects, and it triggered something in my mind. What, where was it? Did I dream it?

It's been rather surprising to me, when we're in this quarantine situation, that I really stop and look at things around this house! The cabinets, storage closets, drawers, boxes, niches under the stairs seem to be calling to me....."what do I have in here, that you've forgotten about?" As I've said before....have space, will fill. 

While I was riding my bike this past week, during the glow of sunset, and there was nobody on the bike path by the beach, I realized where I learned to juggle. It was at Sky Sailing Airport. 

Sky Sailing is the place where Carl took me for an introductory lesson in a sailplane (aka glider). He had his private pilot's license (both single-engine land and gliders). But his dream was to design and race sailboats/yachts. And that he did...very well. However, he turned me into a 'for real' commercial pilot. 

Carl wore glasses and being a professional pilot was out of the question back then. However, his Dad was Captain for TWA.  The TWA pilots called the company Teensy Weensy Airlines. Carl's dad was killed in an airline accident during a re-current training due to rudder failure. 

But, back to how I learned to juggle. It was a slow day at the glider field. And the boys and I decided to teach ourselves how to juggle. Our justification was that it would develop better coordination for us, as pilots. We used rocks and stones. But that didn't work out - too inconsistent. 

Somebody decided to go to the small grocery store which was several miles away. I can't remember who it was but he came back with 2 cartons of eggs - raw eggs. The eggs were for juggling.  It got a bit ugly because the eggs were breaking everywhere. 

The mechanic, Barry, walked out of the hangar because we were making so much noise. Shortly after, the boss drove up in his Porsche 914. His pilots were doing quite well! Bud was doing his silent laugh, where his shoulders would rise and fall. Then he lit up a cigarette and heading to the trailer where he would count his money and pay bills. 

And that's how I learned to juggle. 

I have so much time on my hands, avoiding what I really need to do: like fill out Workers Compensation forms for the insurance company, fill out the form for the Housing Authority, and re-learn Excel (my accountant says it will be much easier to use than Quicken, which I've used for the last 14 years.) 

I should start those jobs tomorrow. Maybe. 

Live richly, marilyn



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