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Roses in my garden!

When I went into my office about 3 weeks ago, I couldn't get my computer to work. This is not a good way to start any morning. The screen told me that there was no internet connection. 

The good news is that I didn't pick up my Surface Pro and throw it on the ground. The bad news is that I had to call Comcast/Xfinity. Ohhh nooo!

After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, a service person took my call. Turns out he couldn't fix it. He pushed me (figuratively) up the food chain. Whenever that happens I'm thinking that these folks just give up and don't want to wait me out. Usually, I'm disconnected. 

Next in line was a woman from Comcast. Comcast does not have a good reputation based on remarks from other customers I talk to in Alameda. 

She was located in Arkansas. She was a gift from God. I know nothing about computers. She knew quite a bit. But the best thing is that she could translate computerize into a language I could speak: like what color is this cord; this is how it looks on the plug; no it's the one next to that, etc.

She figured out that the Xfinity security system was causing the problem. I got it because I was going to save $30 less each month on my bill for 12 months. 

While we were waiting for the computer to re-boot, we started talking. She knew Comcast had a lousy reputation. But she's working her way up the food chain. She has a couple of kids. 

She was in awe with Gavin Newsome and how he is dealing with the crisis. It was like finding fresh air in the midst of hell-fire. We were on the phone for 90 minutes.

By the time she had my computer running, we had shared lots of stories. I took the leap: I wondered if I could have her name and her private email address. And I told her I'd be writing about our experience together. And that I'd send her this post.

Here's to Amber! 

Live richly, marilyn 


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