How do I fill my days?

Big news! The Shredding Party generated $6280!  Thank you, friends, neighbors, and folks who I do not know!

Being under the 'Shelter In Place' rules, I'm not really sure.

Here's a photo of my new gardening gloves and the new pruners that I ordered this past winter. They are super protective, and the pruners are ratcheting. Lovely! I literally tore up my old gloves on the roses. 
They lasted for maybe 10+ years?

Here's my estimate of how I spent my time this week: Monday - Thursday:

-Zoom meetings and webinars this week: 6 of them =  11 hours
-Gathering details for my Workers Comp insurance = 5 hours
-Grocery shopping = 1 hour (2 stores)
-Bicycling = errands: Post office /Office Max/Trader Joes/Shoreline to Crown   Harbor/ Central to Eastshore to Encinal Market (Yes! They had Wheat Chex!) = 3 hours
-Fire extinguishers re-charged (have 7 of them) AFE comes to me=15 min.
-Did paperwork for a soon-to-be listing=4 hrs
-Research financing for a co-op= 45 min (2 phone calls)
-Figuring out the correct paperwork re:real estate= 45 min plus some chat with the office manager I've never met.
-Giving my 'to do' wish list to my handymen (awesome guys)= 1.5 hours
-Missing most of my Wed eve church meeting (via conference call)= 10 min.
-Staying in touch w/ friends (social distancing) with me on front porch, them with their dogs sitting on the front brick wall=45 min.
-Teaching myself how to get more efficient on ZipForms (real estate)=3 hours
-Gratitude time (reading the Bible lesson this week) =4 hours
-Pruning the roses in the front yard=2.5 hours
-Sweeping up the ivy berries (the ivy forms a 20' wall between my neighbors)       =15 min.
-Sweeping up the dead bees on my front porch. I think they kill themselves because there are glass panes and can't figure out how to get around them=10 min.
-Spray Weed-B-Gone on the putting green= 4 min.
-Being kept on hold by Comcast because my TV wouldn't work=45+ min.
-Doing the laundry=2-3 loads per week 3 hrs.
-Straighten up my office=1 hr (note to self: this office needs to be cleaned)
-Give a referral to a friend who needed a contractor.  =10 min

Things yet to do:
-Plant the tomatoes in the bins and get them out of their squishy plastic holders.
-Clean this house.
-Prune the roses in my backyard (very few compared to the front yard).
-Maybe wash my car again (inside and out)=2 hours (I did for the first time in months about 3 weeks ago). Yes, when I'm in the mood I wash my car myself.

Just live richly. You deserve it! marilyn


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