Masks & trash.

A friend has been sewing masks...for most everybody! I was grateful to receive 2 masks from her. One has elastic that I can put over my ears. It's lovely and has lots of color. The other has two hand ties, and she said she made it for me because it has bicycles on it!

Unfortunately, I can't find the mask with the elastic. I'm sure it's somewhere around here, or in my car.

I went over to one of our local hardware stores,  today. I've been so grateful for all of the workers, anywhere, and specifically those who know their inventory: what's in and what's on order.

I bought a couple of the N95 masks today, along with some hand sanitizer, and more booties. I already had the Clorox wipes. No line, no waiting. In and out. This was in preparation for putting a house on the market.

Once you put the booties on to view a house they need to be tossed out once you leave the property. 

Good news....we're not required to wear masks when we ride a bike! I find it amazing how much I glance down to see the ground when on my bike.

In fact, when I went grocery shopping last week, I literally tripped over a low, push-type trolley cart in front of me, because I couldn't see it. Yikes!

And speaking of seeing's been absolutely astounding of much debris/trash/s__t, people leave behind them: on the beach and when they walk they just drop it anywhere. Riding my bike after the Memorial weekend I was shocked at how folks just leave their stuff behind.

Yesterday, as I was riding my bike through a lovely neighborhood, our city Mayor and I said hello to each other. It is amazing that we can recognize anybody, with all of the protective gear most of us are wearing.

We stopped and had a nice chat. She admired my helmet and I gave her a tour of the helmet (obeying the 6' distancing requirement) including the right and left turn signals that runs off Bluetooth. The device is attached to my handlebars so my left thumb can control it.

In fact, earlier while I was riding, I heard some young kids say, "She's got turn signals in her helmet!"

I was finishing my ride along the beach, there was a lady picking up trash that folks left behind. As I rode by I told her how grateful I was that she was picking up other's stuff. She actually smiled at me through her mask.

Dear Lord, please reward those that just do good, because it's part of their being.

Live richly,  marilyn


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