Social distancing on the freeways.

"The colossal, collective laziness that has been defining our culture must change."  My friend, Vicki, wrote this to me this week. IMHO, she couldn't be more right!

Here's an example of a wonderful, definitely not lazy, person I met on Wednesday.

She's probably less than half my age. Her name is Christina. She works at the Hayward Home Depot.

One of my residents asked me yesterday if I could get individual, locking mailboxes for our units, none of this "sharing stuff." She was afraid of having her personal mail being looked at (i.e. stealing one's identity). I thought about it.

She looked online and sent me some links. I went outside and measured to see if the 5 boxes would fit. They did. The price seemed very reasonable and the current mailboxes looked super ugly.  I ordered them online and they had just five of them. The Home Depot said they would text me when they were ready to be picked up. They said it would be about 2 hours.

The time came and went. I called the Home Depot and waited until somebody picked up. I asked about the mailboxes, described them (the manufacturer, the color and what I paid for them. She said they were swamped but she'd double-check.

After a few minutes (less than 10) Christina took me off hold. She said if I chose to drive there those mailboxes would be close to the front doors...and to ask for her. I was thrilled and so grateful about her service.

She was so nice, dealing with a very challenging job - picking up the phone and getting yelled at by people who didn't know her and she didn't know them. No wonder these customer service folks just hang up and never return the calls.

I drove to Hayward. It was the first time since I've been in lock-down living.  I actually drove off the island. And I took the freeway at rush hour.

The freeways had been re-surfaced. There was no traffic. There was no speeding over 65mph. There was plenty of social distancing between the autos. There were not many trucks.

The CADEAU (my Ca. license plate since graduating from high school) got me there swiftly and safely.

Christina was at the front doors. She said she would get the boxes for me. I waited for just a few minutes then went to a checkout line. I'd prepaid for the boxes. I was out the door in no time.

I waved to Christina.  I told her and her co-workers how professional they all were during these very demanding circumstances. We were nearly crying. We decided to give each other hugs outdoors in the evening breeze. But we had our masks on.

When The Home Depot sent me an email asking if I was satisfied with my experience, I raved about Christina. And that's what customer service is about. I would have never anticipated this ending to a 'five mailbox' purchase.

More good news. Eddie, my super-handyman, came over and installed the boxes and did some other 'fix-it' chores for me.

Live richly, marilyn


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