Blame game....and what's the new normal?

-The days are gorgeous with the bright blue skies, but that probably will disappear once our elected officials decide to 'open up' the businesses, and folks will drive their cars to work. That's happening now. 

-In fact, I think "they/we" will re-arrange the space that "they/we" call home, into other spaces, including home offices and maybe mini-classrooms? 

-I think 'these events' will change our lives, even if we go back to the same old routine. The old routine obviously hasn't/didn't work we should work with the 'new' now, and keep on making or at least think about making some of those changes. If I don't try them, then I'm the only one who I can blame. 

-By the way, have you noticed that politics are awful these days? Let's hope that this election brings some real thinkers into office on all levels, city, county, state, and the US.

-And I don't know who sent me this photo or even if I took it....

But my nickname (is/was) Muffie. My dad's mom, Grandma Willson, decided that Marilyn was too long, formal, and she had a friend named Marilyn...but her friends always called her Muffie. Yikes!

But once I hit junior high...I insisted that my parents call me Marilyn in front of my friends. 

One more secret that I don't have to worry about. I'll answer to 'hey, you!" when necessary!

Live richly, marilyn


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