In my driveway....

....I was sitting in my car, in my driveway, this week, and suddenly there was a single-engine plane towing a banner behind it. Very strange these days. I don't see banners very often.

As I sat there, in the driveway, some visions came into my head...about flying. I didn't or couldn't figure them I just sat there for a while.

Then I realized I had scooped up a banner when I was working as a line (boy) and trading some of my time to learn to fly, at the glider field, Sky Sailing Airport, in Fremont, CA. *

Somehow the banner got loose from the bi-plane, and fell to the ground.  And thank goodness it was in a field, not on the highway.

I got into my VW Bug, and searched for it. I found it. I stuffed it into my car and went back to the airfield.

The bi-plane had landed. I knew who the guy was who owned that plane. He had no clue who I was.

He flew for one of the transport airlines. That means he flew 'stuff' around, not living human beings. This was a guy who didn't pay much attention to anybody but himself.

He didn't have time for me...and that was fine with me. He kept his plane at the Oakland Airport, North Field, in one of the hangers for small planes.

I  told him I picked up his banner. He was surprised. He took it. He seemed grateful but....oh well.

Here's some proof that TIA (Trans International Airlines) existed:

From that time on, Milo Tiaczek (?) became my best friend. He took me up in his bi-plane and did some stunts. He treated me like a person, not like a 'thing.'

I don't know if he's alive or dead. I assume he's died and moved whatever is out there for him.

Amazing how what we've done and how we've done it, comes back to us decades later.

*There is no Sky Sailing Airport. Now there are offices there.  And across the freeway, there is now the Tesla plant...which was once the GM plant.

Live richly, marilyn


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