Nice people do great things.....

I found this while riding my bike in the early evening. 
I'm not sure what the '1619-?" means.

A very dear friend wrote this to me a few weeks ago.

"Wishing you a nice weekend as well. I have to share what I did for my neighbor who was and is still a great help for me. Airport Appliance had an ad on TV where they were going to give away an appliance to a person in need. 

Well, Sharon has had a broken dryer for over a year and I let her come and use mine. So, I wrote a wonderful letter about how she is so selfless, and helps everyone before herself. She is a cancer survivor, and living with one kidney. She is 75 she has been so wonderful to me, and others.

Well, this week I get this call on my landline and I didn't recognize the name, and I thought oh well answer it. It was Airport Appliance and my letter was selected and not only is Sharon going to get a new dryer, but they are adding a new washer as well. I told them that she'd been w/out
the dryer, but that she had an antiquated washer.

I couldn't believe my ears, and Sharon nearly came out of her skin when I told her. I think she called everyone and their uncles about her good fortune.

This made my week. There are Good People out in this world after all."

Yep! It's nice to be nice - NOW, more than ever! 

Live richly, marilyn


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